Zero Loss Formula Review: A Genuine Scam Company

Zero Loss Formula… Well, it works!! Yes… Not for traders of course, but for the scammers who are behind this devious fraud company.  Zero Loss Formula is already making thousands and millions by scamming money out of the traders pocket, who are new into trading. How am I so confident about this company being a scam?

zero loss formula scam

Well if you have any confusion about it then, let me take you through an in-depth review of this overwhelming scam company. And I won’t just tell you; I will de-mask and show you why this company is a scam.

Introducing Zero Loss Formula- A Genuine Scam Company:

Just like it’s sibling out there… Zero Loss Formula also claims to be an excellent trading software; it can help a new trader, who is new in the world of trading get rich (millionaire to be exact) and the existing traders to get richer.

Not just that they even say that you don’t need to know even what trading is about, and you will be earning profits in thousands daily. So whats that all about? Will know about these scam facts, I headed over to their site and researched all about it. And heading over to their site I noticed all they had was a short video on all about their scams. and their site totally looked like a scam site which was only setup to take in inocent traders money.

So let me break down all the facts about the video and prove you that they are definitely a  scam.

About the Zero Loss Formula site and Video:

The Common Scam Approach:

Starting off with the video, I noticed the same old misleading video setup with a man boarding his private jet. And the man was no other than the CEO of the Zero Loss Formula scam Mr. Peter Morgan. To talk about Peter Morgan, I have done a lot of research but didn’t traceback him in anywhere… its confirmed that Peter Morgan is Google Proof, which means that his name is definitely a fake one.

And so he starts off by saying that he along with his so called beta tester of the software has made it this far earning $96 million dollars over the past 2 years.


Wait let me stop right here…. $96 million in 2 years? And no one ever came to know about him or his team before? Smells like a lot of lies and depiction to me. And that too without any single loss, wow heads off to his so called fake talks. This is where I ultimately started believing that this would definitely be another binary options trading scam- 1st hint of being scam!!!

Inappropriate Data and Software Details:

And he doesn’t just stop there… he heads on by saying that he started off this company and went public on 2012 with his 50 beta tester of the software. And he also claims that by then his software was already giving out around 90% accuracy(woww that’s same as few handful high-end binary option trading companies).


Back then his beta tester was making over $600-$3000 PER DAY!!! Again more claims which aren’t backs by any fact. But wait… It isn’t over still as he goes on by saying that the beta tester made the software even more perfect and made it a Zero Loss trading software- which basically means NO LOSS at all.

Next what I saw blew me over… same old scam account opening tutorial and showing how much money he has made. And well this gave me the 2nd hint of Zero Loss Formula being a scam.

The Fake Testimony Cliché:

Well, just like any other scam company would be incomplete without a perfectly dressed testimony provider. The Zero Loss Formula company is also incomplete without a fake testimony too. And so they did.. they includes their most trusted fake testimony provider who would definitely say they made thousands in just days or even hours.

zero loss formula scam

And Check Mate…there you have it. This was the last and 3rd piece of evidence that I need to know that Zero Loss Formula is a scam.

Wait There’s More:

And all these didn’t just end here… there are a few more points that also varifies that the software is s scam. All of them are listed below:

  • The software is free: Well you do have to pay $250 to the broker like all other scam companies.
  • A limited number of signups: Just like all other scams, Zero Loss Formula also follows the same foot step of rushing in the traders to investment. Which we already know that NO legit trading company would ever rush you into trading, as trading is time and decision sensitive.
  • Talking About WallStreet: Well, wall street has already made a lot of people’s life and also ruined many. All depending on the decisions of the trader, but Mr. Fake Morgan goes on saying against Wall Street as they are involved in some crime.( Talk about Yourself).
  • Criticising: The biggest turnoff point he made out was criticizing about people, who study and end up doing jobs which are not worth it. Well to this I must say… at least thats hard earned and not scams!

And so these are the list of point that proves that Zero Loss Formula is definitely a scam.

My Last Word About the Review:

Please stay aways from this company, it is a 100% scam company that will leave you with nothing but regret.

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    Thanks for sharing this review. You saved my hard-earned money.

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