Push Money App Review – Scam System Detected

Push Money App is one of the self-claimed legitimate automated trading software systems which we believed to be a neat and clean SCAM system. The name is recently spread over the binary options trading industry as  some people are reported to be lost their hard-earned money with Scam systems like Push Money App. It’s really good to see that some of the online traders like you searched for Push Money App Review before getting to involve with them. This type of awareness keeps your investment safe from fraud and scam systems like Push Money App.

In this Push Money App Review, we are going to unveil the actual truth behind this filthy scam and reveal that their claim of making more than $1,000 in an hour is a totally baseless statement. Also, we will discuss about the owners rather we can say the scammers.

push money app review


Push Money App Review – What the System is?

Push Money App is an auto trade system software that is designed for binary options trading and it’s the system that will make you a millionaire within a very less time. We are not telling it, that’s how the system maker wants to tell people to attract their investment into it. But, the actual fact is the system is a filthy scam like any other fraud systems to violate your mind and looted all your money in a certain way that looks to be genuine but actually not.

Just like a Scam system makers do, there is no reliable information about the trading software system and no market details is on the website and that looks to be suspicious. when we visit the official website, it starts with a promotional video which only shows about the testimonials with a lack of vital information about the software or how it works. You can’t blindly believe the testimonials as they could be fake and easily be created by paid actors. So, it’s one of the evidences that proves that the system is not trustable enough. Keep reading for more pieces of evidence.

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The Actual Truth behind the owners.

The Push Money App system is claimed to be owned by Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan.  Also, they claimed to be a successful trader who has made billions of dollar with their system and now they wanted to make peoples be a millionaire. And that’s why they are giving the opportunity. However, the truth is something else.

the owners of push money app

Both Dennis and Mike are actually not a real character. We have searched over the social media networks and other websites. But no matches of this two people have found. Generally, all the high officials of legit companies are found to be socially very active, but here they do not want to disclose the actual system makers and we are pretty sure they probably have a reason for it. But, here you just can’t believe these two self-acclaimed owners who are believed to be paid actors.

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How the Push Money App System works?

There is not that much information provided on the website about the working procedure of the system software. However, to open a trade account you have to proceed with your name and email address. To open a broker account you will have to deposit $250. After the opening the account you will be deposited with a bonus of $10,000. That means you have received a bonus money of $10,000 into your broker account. But, there is a trick. To receive that bonus amount you need to deposit $10,000 of your own money first. So, that’s definitely not the trading style of any legitimate binary options trading systems unless it’s a bogus system.

The Fake Cheque trick:

The website shows a cheque with a name of Jack Harwick with the figure of $129,912.21. And the date of issuing the cheque is 12-04-15. So, seeing this you will definitely be very happy for a few moments thinking about the system is doing really well.  But, the fact is how can the company issued a cheque bearing the date of 2015 as the company doesn’t even exist that time.

push money app fake cheque

On our research over the domain name of the website, we got to know that the website was registered on January of 2016. So, that’s another neat and clear evidence of their cheating. Probably it’s a photoshop work and a big lie from the scammers.

They use a fake location or address.

Even the address or location they provided is not valid and we are unable to locate them in the real world. They only exist in virtually. So a company whose location is not even real, how can you gonna trust them and made your investment there? That simply doesn’t make any sense to trade with scam system like Push Money App.

The Bonus Conditions are full Risky!

As said earlier, they will give you a bonus of $10,000 into your trade account after you signed up with them. Such type of promises bears many risks as you have to deposit the same amount of your own to get this bonus. That’s the tricky part of this trap.

Legitimate binary options trading brokers never gonna promises you like this. Remember this thing. There is a full risk of losing your own deposited money in such type of transactions. They just try to attract a number of online traders with such type of tricky traps and you need to be very careful while dealing with them.

Making $10,000 in just 4 hours?

A person would be appeared on the promotional video of push money app saying, she would make $10,000 in just a 4 hours with this system. And the interesting part is the same person would have appeared in other product’s testimonials talking about different systems. So, it clearly proves that the testimonials are all fake just like the system.


Such type of scam systems like Push Money App tries to convince people with fabricated videos and promises. So just be aware of such scam systems. We highly recommend you not to do your investment in the binary options trading industry with them. They are simply not reliable.

If you have any type of queries and information regarding the system then kindly let us know about it. We will try our best to help you.

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