OptionBot 3.0 Review – Another Scam? Yes! Find Out Why!

One of the latest trading software of Binary options is Optionbot 3.0. It has lots of promising features that make this one of the best trading software. I have come across many clues that say that it is legit and some others that say that this is a scam. Well, many people have come across such points which only leave them confused. So, for this reason, I have decided to write an article where I will be providing both the clues, and after going through all of these clues you can decide whether this software legit or scam.

option bot 3.0

Optionbot 3.0 Review

Optionbot 3.0 was previously known as Optionbot 2.0, there have been many upgrades in this new version. Optionbot 3.0 has now become an automated trading software of the binary options. The previous version of this software i.e. Optionbot 2.0 was discontinued due to a scuffle between the owners of the software. Now this software is re-launched again by one of the former CEO’s.

Many people have claimed that they have been heavily profited after using this new updated software. But many have also claimed that it is a scam. So now I will be discussing all the advantages of this software down below.

Advantages of Optionbot 3.0:

The advantages of Optionbot 3.0 nearly tops all the latest software’s that are available in the market. So it’s no shock that it can help you to earn $100k. And now they are searching for some beta-testers who will be given 100% free access to the software. So down below I have provided some of the advantages that make this software unique when compared to others.

  • One of the best advantages provided by this software is the Economic Calendar. This calendar plays a vital role in making trading decisions. This advantage is rarely seen in other such types of trading softwares.
  • The software utilizes binary options trading through different currency pairs. There is a total of 15 currency pair.
  • The demo account is what makes this software look legit. It offers you $1000 trading money to all the new users. So if you are a new user then by using this software you can learn how to trade using binary options. And you won’t even lose a single penny. Many people think that this is a hoax, but demo accounts are not known to be hoaxes.
  • This software allows the users to set the PIP and Time Frame Parameter for alerting them about the trends. There are three types of trends in this software, which are Upward Trend, Neutral Trend, and Downward Trend.
  • Customization of the user settings is quite possible as this software is designed to work according to the preference of the user. So you can take low risks and receive high profits, but let me remind you that High risks yield much higher profits.

Well, these are some of the advantages of this software and I believe that these are some of the best advantages that I have come across in trading softwares. But advantages always come with disadvantages and these disadvantages make people ask questions. So down below I have listed some of the disadvantages of this software, be sure to check them out.

Disadvantages of Optionbot 3.0:


As I was saying that the disadvantages are the ones that make people ask the question about the softwares. So here are some of the disadvantages that raise quite a lot of questions.

  • The biggest disadvantage is that this software is not fully automated software. They have been saying that it is automated software, but after my investigation, I have found that this software is semi-automatic. So it just arranges for the trades available and you need to choose. But this is quite problematic for the new traders and moreover, this is not a trading robot, it is a signal software.
  • The name Optionbot 3.0 is a big question mark, as there are many scam sites whose names are quite similar to the name of this software. People have been fooled by such scams too frequently.


  • The software is said to execute trades within 60 seconds. But this is a great disadvantage as many people think that the trade done in 60 seconds is nothing more than simple gambling. Trading within 60 seconds is quite unbelievable as there are lots of risks in this kind of trading.
  • There is no mention of the developers or the people in charge of this software. Not knowing these details surely does raise lots of eyebrows.

So these are some of the disadvantages that are associated with this software.

Update: This scam is getting viral now. Moreover, it is blacklisted by many other authority sites like &


The advantages provided by this software are quite over the disadvantages. The disadvantages also cannot be cast aside as they make people doubt this software. So my recommendation is that you try out the demo account of this software and take all these points into account then decide whether you want to invest here or not.

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