NEO2 Software is Confirmed Scam! Check Review!!

Neo2 Review: Neo2, a name which is pretty much common to hear now in Binary options trading industry. It is said to be a legitimate software which can make you earn $4,000 in a week, although I am really very much worried about it. The neo2 system is reviewed as a legit software and has shown to get all the positive feedbacks and comments, even it has been seen that the promises and testimonials all are real. But, the fact is not like that as they tend to see the people. If you search on Google, you will get many websites where Neo2 is said to be a genuine and legit software and they give it 5 out of 5 stars. But, in real, the system is a Scam. Yes! I am saying the Neo2 system a Scam. And why so? Because I have the enough proof which tells me to say so.

Actually, the website of Neo2 seems like a legitimate and many people mistaken it as a legit system and make their investment with this scam system on binary options trading. Although in the first glance, the system looks to be legit, but after doing the detailed research on the web and getting the real feedbacks from the people, the picture is totally clear now in front of me.  And that’s why this Neo2 Review is posted here to bring the actual truth in front of everyone. Again, I am saying that, you will found many reviews where the system is reviewed to be a Legit system but in real it is not. Read this Neo2 Review and you will get to know it by yourself.


neo2 system

Why did I call Neo2 system a Scam?

Before going to the mainstream, I would like to mention some important things. Investments in Binary options trading is not risk-free and there is no full surety that you are going to make that much amount within the stipulated time. So, you should enter this trade business by knowing all the actual facts.

So, now why I am telling this Neo2 system a Scam where most other websites claim it as a legit? Why did I not choose to go with the wave? Because I have to know the actual facts. The Neo2 system trying to show people, their business depends on weather prediction + trading. Actually, it looks legit, but it’s not as they are playing the trick here. So here’s all the reasons.

It fully depends on weather Prediction.

In binary options trading, you just can’t totally depend on weather prediction to make a good trade. It’s not possible all the time, the man who is behind the weather prediction will able to give you right signals all the time. At least I am not going to such systems in the binary options trading industry.

Washington post and Wall street Journals have mentioned this system, It’s a lie.

In the presentation video, they will tell the people that major financial journals like the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journals have mentioned this Neo2 software. But, the fact is they have not mentioned about this scam system. Just do a little search on the web and you will know it.

Who is Dr. Jack Piers?

neo2 software scam or not

Well, he is the first man who came first in the video. The video shows us he is a Ph.D. and the CEO of this company or system. He also describes himself as a weather enthusiast. But, the actual truth is, there is no person exist with such name in the real world. No other image, information, details in there on the web except the fake video clip on the Neo2 website. Even that person has no social media appearance. So, possibly he is a paid actor who hired for the video presentation.

No exact location of the company.

All legit system, companies must have a real location through which people can contact them if necessary. The Neo2 system owners reveal themselves located in Los Angeles, California. However, my sources and research tell me that the location is fake. No such company is there.

Meet Neo2 President or another paid actor.

You will be meet with another official personality in the video who claims to be the president as well as lead programmer in the company. And as expected, this person has also no existence other than the video appearance. So, definitely, he will be another hired actor just like the CEO.

paid actor used

All the given figures and information are Fake.

The website shows all the fake information and I am pretty much sure about it. You will found no asset information there, no information on open-close rates, even the figures they showed in the system are not real. It’s simply not possible to confirm that all the things are used in the system have real data.

Win Rate is  confirmed to 87%, Really?

No one can 100 percent guaranteed the winning rate of the software in binary options trading as they depend on many factors and continue varying. Even a legitimate software developers can say about the win rate of 80 – 85%. So, how can they so much sure about 87% win rate? It simply means they are lying.

No Real company is there behind the system.

Thay claimed to make millions of dollars for the last few months as the system proves to be successful. And it looks to be very suspicious as they didn’t mention any real company name behind the system. Who doesn’t want to publicise the company which runs a successful system like Neo2, right? Unless it’s a scam system that is created to loot your money.

They will have shown you all the data just to violate your mind so that you would have just mistaken and make your investment there. So, they are playing a nice trick and here I am disclosing it with all the above-given proofs.

Final Verdict – Neo2 is a SCAM, it’s Confirmed.

In the Neo2 Review, I have put all the important proofs that tell me that the system is a big lie. They are not reliable enough for your investment. You are advised to stay away from it. Ne02 software is a SCAM. Here it is proved.

If you have any other information or query about the scam system, kindly let us know about it.

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